Former Head of the Programme

Welcome to Phichai Rattanakhan International Programme learning community.

We are an International Programme in a Thai government school in the province of Ranong, Thailand. We are delighted to share our academic relationship with you.

As the royal government set up the educational policy to make Thailand a focal point of ASEAN Community (Education Hub), Ministry of Education, therefore, selects 14 schools around Thailandto implement an international programme to develop the quality of education towards the international level. Phichai Rattanakhan School is one of those 14 schools selected to implement this programme since 2010.  

The goal of the International Programme is to develop students intellectually, socially and morally to meet the challenges of the changing world and to ensure that students are challenged in their work. They must learn to take responsibility for their learning, be analytical and critical thinkers and be able to communicate and interact efficiently. They are provided with the opportunities to explore a variety of curricula and extra-curricular subjects. We also focus on teaching students to be positive and contributing towards society and their environment. We are preparing students for the global community.

Warapon Likkhachai, PRIP Head