Lower Secondary

Cambridge IGCSE is the world’s most popular international qualification for 14-16 year old. Not only is it international – it gives students more options than any other international qualification. That means more subjects to choose from, more ways to learn and more ways to succeed.


Cambridge IGCSE offers a flexible curriculum, with a choice of over 70 subjects in any combination.


Assessment takes place at the end of the course and includes written, oral, coursework and practical assessment.


Leading universities and employers worldwide accept Cambridge IGCSE as evidence of academic ability.


International Program Mathematics Department

  • PSIP Mathematics covers a wide range of Mathematics courses ranging from Foundations, Geometry and Algebra for IP Year 8
  • Numbers, Geometry, Algebra and Probability – Statistic for IP Year 9
  • Numbers, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistic and Probability for IP Year 10
  • Numbers, Algebra, Statistic-Probability, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, IP Year 11
  • Sets, Logarithms, Trigonometry, Plane Geometry, Pre-Calculus for IP Year 12
  • Differential and Integral Calculus and Applied Mathematics for IP Year 13

PSIP program adopts both of Thai and International curriculum.

PSIP Mathematics faculty team is guaranteed well trained, highly professional and qualified to ensure a learning atmosphere that is enjoyable and conducive to our learners.

PSIP Mathematics courses prepares our students for university entrance exam after graduating from Year 13 like the Central University Admission System (CUAS).

Computer Applications is a course that will provide students with the opportunity to use the computer as a problem-solving tool. This class provides an overview of microcomputer applications beginning with a brief introduction to computer concepts and Microsoft Windows. Students will learn to use the Microsoft Office 2016 suite including MS Word 2016, MS Excel 2016, MS Access 2016, and MS PowerPoint 2016. If time allows, students will learn basic Web page creation and integration of the Microsoft Office applications. The class will also focus on using the Internet in meaningful class projects. Computer Applications is a required course and there are no prerequisites.